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“Today I’m going to talk about some things that every person should know what they are and how they work if they expect to have a license unfortunately I think it’s far too easy to get a license in the US but there are things you should know like what just happened when I turn my key and this is a fundamental thing that I think should take place whether you’re doing anything that could potentially harm somebody else whether you’re riding a bike shooting a gun driving a car operating a hot air balloon you have to fundamentally know what your inputs are doing or causing and just understand how to keep your equipment safe and then how to use it that’s a very basic principle now a lot of people and this is now this is I’m driving shabam ether t6m 3 lightly right now so essentially getting some low but and this is a manual called most cars are men if you drive magic you understand why to change gears driving right now in first gear and I did warm the car up before so not like I like I’m grabbing it out what driving manual you understand when I step on the gas I have to shift to another gear because in order for me to go faster I’m going to run out of tax space now most people with automatics don’t get that they then understand why their cars in orders a perfect example is that I there was when I was working a golf course way back when there was a like gentlemen applaud of Maserati and his wife was driving in the 203 Maserati she was driving into the course the morning and luckily they only looked half mile down the road say it was revving so high it’s just a little embarrassed by it because the dealers they party to the dealers they caught was broken he didn’t notice it wasn’t an automatic mode though it was a paddle shift that wasn’t they didn’t push the automatic button so she was just driving the entire way to the golf course first here luckily half a mile not a big deal but that’s what I’m doing right now I’m arriving in pur skier or now second here but I have to understand if you want to go forward and go faster that you have to shift gears and that’s an important basic basic concept for people to know and it’s sort of terrifying that people don’t know that they don’t know when their brakes are bad they don’t know when their tires are low they don’t know when their tires are full they just know when things reach a critical failure and that’s not a way and an operator drive something is when you wait till something fails like something fails more who I blame for that failing and a good example is the video I just put up with Lamborghini overheating in Nighy malleable you have to understand that you have to check your game just your gauges roll there and not only do up to at the very least know when it’s in the red or not whether it’s whatever the gauge may be but you should understand what those gauges are monitoring why that’s important you know how to check your coolant that a full restore is a pressurized system I mean either these are important things then you have stuff is basic is like if your car is on fire how to prevent your car be catching fire and if your car is on fire maybe you want to turn it off like the woman when we when we stopped the Corvette and the fire similars you have to put our engine out all of these things the fact that people don’t understand this basic stuff is pretty much terrifying I mean I’m not asking you to know how to rebuild an engine but I am asking that you at least know how to change a tire how to fill your car with gas I mean I was in an Oregon and Oregon’s and very stupid there’s a couple of stage of laws so you’re not allowed to pump you’re dead you should at least know how to do it you should know how to operate again and this is something that I ran in I’m in a crater National Park which in Oregon it’s illegal to pump your own gas illegal unless you have a diesel education pump your own gas or in this situation if you’re in a national park which I guess this woman never left the state of Oregon if you’re in a national park you they didn’t have a technician so you have to pump your own gas so like it’s not illegal they’re very very stupid very illogical and understand why but if it was the score business I don’t know that no they’re not that close we’re not even going to do it but you have to understand how to fill your car with kit and essentially why you need yes like right Iran it’s like running out of your first I guess you should know what a rev limiter is how not to hit it and why you shouldn’t issue there are all these basic automotive concepts that I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have somebody learn them and to be able to operate their car in a safe way and in order to operate something in a safe way you have to pay make sure it’s properly maintained and functioning and in its best to the best of its abilities of this being fight making sure the tire pressures are correct making sure the oil gets changed all of this basic stuff people should know how to do and understand why and what it does in order to be licensed so that is my little rant for today if you don’t have that basic capability or basic willingness or knowledge I think the world is is going to be a much more dangerous place there’s people watching this thing like this is stupid you’re saying all come and sent home talk to people a drive on automatic we’ll talk to your mom hey mom why does your car shift gears or when does your course there’s quite a tint doing what is the tachometer and you will be floored and amazed at the stuff that people do not know and as simple as people being stuck inside the road with a flat tire and they’ve been there for an hour culture players exchangers they drive while their brakes are paining or overheating they’re just doing things that essentially make you much more dangerous that you should be and you’re frankly a danger to everybody else on the road because you don’t understand what’s going on and you have so props already is way to make a world a safer place make sure the people that are licensed to drive in your country and if this is like possibly make sure that people are aware of what their how to operate what they’re driving and be that they’re maintaining it properly and they know how to properly use it I’m not going to get into the different skill level but and at the bar for the skill do you have to operate but at least you should understand what your car is doing and when you step on the gas what’s happening step on the brakes what’s happening all very basic stuff driver education I put that on the government because they’re saying really here’s a license to do something stupid in the parking lots will give you a life that doesn’t qualify people to go out and we save Republic I gave you a ways to do so thank you guys for watching I will catch you next time Rob ready driving a car that never gets driven inches off these 36 lightweight which is got no air conditioning when it’s warm enough or it’s cool enough that I can get away with everything guys subscribe if you haven’t subscribed this is your first video sorry I’m introducing to the channel check out the license.”

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